Frequently Asked Questions


Is Snapthread only for Live Photos?

No, Snapthread also supports standard videos, both alone and mixed with Live Photos. Support for regular still photos is planned for a future update.

Does Snapthread support videos from any camera?

Snapthread was designed to work best with videos taken by Apple devices and has not been tested with videos from other camera models. However, in theory it should support any video taken in 16:9/9:16 widescreen format or 4:3/3:4 “fullscreen” format.

Can I use Snapthread to post Live Photos to Instagram?

Absolutely. After you have selected one or more Live Photos, you can switch to square format by tapping the dark gray button directly above your video preview that lists the current aspect ratio. You can adjust the cropping area of individual clips by tapping on the clip in your timeline and selecting the purple crop icon. Once you are satisfied with your video, simply tap the Share button in the upper right to bring up the standard iOS share sheet, where Instagram should appear as an option.