Something New

Wow, what a year this past few months have been, eh? It’s snowing heavily outside as I write this. On April 16. 😒 According to the local newspaper, we should expect “the first significant snow of the season” today. But like…what season? Winter? Spring? Summer? What is even happening?

And yet, here I am, finally enjoying a few moments of peace. My husband and the kids are all napping, and I’m sitting in my recliner watching the snow fall and typing this blog post in iA Writer, as one does.

I wanted to write a little bit about the new app I’m working on, because I haven’t really done that yet (and it’s not meant to be a secret!). It’s called YarnBuddy, and it’s a simple project tracker for knitters and crocheters.

The app serves two primary functions: 1) to keep an organized record of your crocheting or knitting projects (for fun, posterity, or business reasons), and 2) to track your progress in a pattern so that you don’t lose your place. You can also keep track of your yarn stash, convert between metric and imperial units, and calculate yarn substitutions (i.e. how many balls of yarn you’ll need if you don’t use the yarn listed in the pattern).

Before release, I’m hoping to create a companion Watch app for counting rows/stitches, add the ability to set reminders that will pop up when you reach a particular row (i.e. “Switch colors!” at row 48), and create a few more alternate app icons.

I also need to implement the majority of the logic for the row counters, which is tricky because there are lots of different scenarios one might encounter in a pattern. For example,

  • “Rows 12-24: Repeat row 6”
  • “Repeat rows 3-15 9 times”
  • Multiple parts of a garment, such as a front, back, and two sleeves

I’ll need a flexible counter system that allows the counters to be linked on both increase and decrease, while also displaying the number of repeats.

I also have tons of ideas for features that won’t make the 1.0, such as time tracking, a place to keep an inventory of what tools you own, pattern annotation (it was just too hard to get this to work in SwiftUI, so I punted it), and fun ways to share what you’re working on. I’m hoping WWDC will bring much-needed improvements to SwiftUI that will allow me to deliver a great iPad experience as well (right now it’s a little bit wonky).

I’m planning to have a landing page ready soon so folks can sign up to be notified when a beta is ready. Until then: take care, be safe, stay home!